You are viewing the documentation for an older version of boto (boto2).

Boto3, the next version of Boto, is now stable and recommended for general use. It can be used side-by-side with Boto in the same project, so it is easy to start using Boto3 in your existing projects as well as new projects. Going forward, API updates and all new feature work will be focused on Boto3.

For more information, see the documentation for boto3.

boto v2.37.0


This release updates AWS CloudTrail to the latest API to suppor the LookupEvents operation, adds new regional service endpoints and fixes bugs in several services.


The CloudTrail create_trail operation no longer supports the deprecated trail parameter, which has been marked for removal by the service since early 2014. Instead, you pass each trail parameter as a keyword argument now. Please see the reference to help port over existing code.